Opening a restaurant? Congratulations! You’ve got the menu down, and the ambiance is perfect, but there’s one crucial detail left: restaurant kitchen equipment. 

A well-stocked commercial kitchen is the backbone of a successful restaurant. It allows you and your chefs to work efficiently, maintain quality control, and create those delicious dishes that keep customers coming back for more.

But with so many options to choose from, where do you even begin? Fear not! This post has got you covered. This compiles 13 essential commercial kitchen equipment you need to function smoothly and serve up delicious food.

1. High-Quality Kitchen Knives

Ever wrestled with a dull tomato, ending up with mush instead of nice slices? Frustrating, right? Sharp knives are a game-changer. They transform food prep into a smooth, almost therapeutic experience. Think of clean cuts, perfectly diced onions, and julienned veggies that look like restaurant-worthy art. So, invest in quality knives—they’ll make your cooking life easier and your food sing.

2. Color-Coded Cutting Boards

A good cutting board helps keep your knives sharp for a long time. But these trusty companions do more than protect your investment. They come in various colors, each carrying a specific purpose to prevent cross-contamination:


Red is for raw meat like pork, chicken, and beef. This keeps those juicy steaks and poultry from mingling with your veggies.


Green is for fresh produce like fruits and salad ingredients. This helps stop stray bacteria from raw meat from hitching a ride onto your salad.


Yellow is for cooked meats. This ensures your perfectly prepared dishes don’t come into contact with raw ingredients.


Brown is for vegetables like potatoes. This is ideal for these often dirty veggies, preventing them from transferring grit to other foods.


White is for bread and dairy products like cheese, focaccia, etc. This keeps things clean and separate from stronger flavors.

With this color-coded system, you can ensure food safety and peace of mind in your kitchen.

3. Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel cookware is the trusty sidekick every kitchen needs. From bubbling soups in a stockpot to searing scallops in a stainless steel saute pan, this stuff can handle it all. 

Plus, cleaning stainless steel cookware is a breeze—no more scrubbing delicate nonstick surfaces! Invest in a few key pieces—a stockpot, a Dutch oven, a sauté pan, and a saucepan—and watch your kitchen transform into a culinary powerhouse.

4. Heat-Resistant Kitchen Utensils

The last thing you want in a busy kitchen is a flimsy spatula that melts or warps. Invest in high-quality, heat-resistant utensils. Silicone or metal options won’t let you down, keeping your hands safe and ensuring you can maneuver food with confidence, even in the heart of the kitchen heat.

5. Food Processors

Food processors are a time-saving lifesaver in a fast-paced restaurant kitchen. Use them for chopping vegetables, shredding cheese, pureeing ingredients, and making batters to free up your staff for other, more important tasks.

6. Food Storage Containers

Proper food storage and portion control are essential in the foodservice industry. Invest in a set of airtight containers for storing prepped ingredients, leftovers, and prepared dishes. Also, choose those that can be stacked to maximize space and keep your commercial kitchen organized.

7. Deep Fryers

If your menu features popular fried foods, a deep fryer is an essential piece of commercial cooking equipment. Look for deep fryers with adjustable temperature controls and safety features to ensure consistent results and keep your staff safe during operations.

8. Food Thermometers

Food safety is paramount in the foodservice industry. Invest in a digital food thermometer to ensure your dishes reach the proper internal temperature for safe consumption. This is crucial for protecting your customers and maintaining a high standard of hygiene in your kitchen.

9. Measuring Tools

Accurate measurements are necessary for replicating recipes and maintaining consistent quality in your dishes. Make sure your kitchen has measuring cups and spoons in both metric and standard units. This ensures your kitchen staff can follow recipes precisely, providing delicious and consistent menu items for your customers.

10. Commercial Ovens

A commercial oven is the heart of your kitchen. Choose one that suits your menu’s needs, whether it’s a convection oven for faster cooking times or a deck oven for perfect pizzas. Selecting the right commercial oven is crucial for ensuring your kitchen can meet the demands of your menu and customer base.

11. Commercial Dishwashers

A high-quality commercial dishwasher is essential for keeping up with the constant flow of dishes in a restaurant. Consider factors like size, capacity, and energy efficiency when choosing one. This will ensure your kitchen can operate smoothly and hygienically by keeping up with dirty dishes.

12. Commercial Ice Machines

Keep your beverages refreshingly cold with commercial ice machines. Choose one that produces enough ice to meet your daily needs. This ensures your customers can enjoy refreshing drinks throughout their dining experience.

13. Food Warming Equipment

Food warming equipment (e.g., hot plates, warming drawers, soup kettles, etc.) isn’t just about keeping fries hot. It ensures every dish that arrives at your customer’s table is perfectly warm and delicious. 

Look for food warming equipment with adjustable temperatures to hold dishes between 140°F and 165°F. This ‘safe zone’ prevents microbial growth, so you can provide food that’s both delicious and worry-free. 

Final Thoughts

Equipping your restaurant kitchen doesn’t have to be a headache. This list is your roadmap to success. With the right kitchen supplies, you’ll be serving up amazing food in no time. Now, get out there and find the perfect equipment to turn your restaurant dreams into reality!

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