Nothing can beat some nicely baked breads and cakes. Probably many will agree with me here. Orlando has a very vibrant bakery scene that offers a perfect fusion of culture and flavors. Visitors as well as residents can enjoy some delectable treats here. Amidst all the bakeries in Orlando, Mecatos Bakery and Café has grabbed a lot of attention. Boasting a plethora of options for bread and pastries along with aromatic Colombian coffee, it offers a very welcoming ambiance.

 Mecatos Bakery and Cafe: A Blend of Culture and PPastry

Established in the heart of Orlando, Mecatos Bakery and Café is the best Colombian bakery near Lake Nona. This bakery was founded with a passion for Colombian traditions. As it serves fresh foods and some freshly brewed Colombian coffee near me, this café has become a central hub for the local community to enjoy great pastries and coffee.

 The Rise to Prominence 

Mecatos Bakery and Café were first established in 2015 and the founder is Edwin Lurduy. This café was opened with a vision to serve delicious and popular baked foods, pastries, and coffee from Colombia. Embracing the Colombian rich culinary expertise, this café-cum-bakery has evolved into a prominent establishment. If you love Colombian heritage and its foods, this place is a must-visit.

 An Assortment of Baked Delights

 Mecatos Bakery and Café offers a wide array of baked delights that showcase Colombian culinary excellence. Some of the most popular dishes that you must try when you visit are – Pan de Bono which is a scrumptious cheesy bread roll or you can try the crispy and savory Bunuelos. Do not forget to try their flavorful Empanadas. The best part is that you can try out different flavors of Pan de Bono, such as guava, Nutella, and more. Besides that, try their Mallorca, Pan de Queso which is a ringed cheese bread.

 Dessert Specialties at Mecatos 

To satisfy your sweet tooth, there are many options that you can choose from. Some of the most prominent ones are – Tiramisu, Guava Cheesecake, and Oreo Cake. While Tiramisu is perfect for coffee lovers, the other two can be great if you like traditional desserts. Tiramisu is made by layering sponge cake soaked in coffee and some cheese. Oreo Cakes, as the name suggests, is filled with frosting made up of Oreo cookies. Guava Cheesecake is a traditional cheesecake with a twist of guava filling in it.

 Coffee Culture at Mecatos 

Looking for freshly brewed Colombian coffee near me? Mecatos brings some amazing coffee varieties. Enjoy everything here from classic latte and cappuccino to macchiato and Colombian specialty espresso. You can pair the cappuccino with Empanadas on the side. Pan de Bono can go well with Colombian Espresso.

 Mecatos’ Place in the Community 

Mecatos serves more than just a culinary destination to enjoy baked delights and coffees. It is a cherished community hub with a warm and beautiful ambiance. People from different parts of the city come here with their friends and family to enjoy some quality time. Some people wrote:

 ??Had a lovely time with my friends after a long time while sipping the best coffee of my life

??A nice place with courteous staff that serves great desserts and coffee is simply amazing.’

 Mecatos across Orlando

Mecatos serves at four different locations in Orlando. They are located near Waterford Lakes, Lake Nona, Lake Underhill, and Downtown. They are planning to open three more stores in the future in Hoffner Avenue, Ocoee, and Metrowest.


To bring some of the sought-after Colombian baked delights and coffees, Mecatos Bakery and Café has become one of the best Colombian bakeries in Orlando. It has a great contribution to the culinary diversity of Orlando. 

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