How to Promote Your Facebook Food Account in Australia : a Short Guide for 2023

Promoting a Facebook account is a rather complicated and time-consuming process in itself, but it becomes doubly complicated if you want to become famous in Australia, where competition among influencers is fierce. Yes, of course, you have an advantage because of your chosen niche – if you develop a food page, it will be somewhat easier for you to succeed – people love such content, they like to watch the cooking process, learn more about restaurants and get interesting tips. But this doesn’t negate the fact that you’ve to be ready for a competitive race.

What should you know? Along with followers and comments, likes are important for the organic and comprehensive promotion of the account, which is why influencers strive to increase their number. Every like from an Australian reader is a real success, and some bloggers have been striving for years to get at least 100 for their publication. That’s why we have created a small guide for beginners, here you’ll learn about three ways to promote the page and get red hearts from target fans.

  1. If your food page is new (that is, you don’t have several hundred subscribers and many posts yet), it would be wise to prepare it in advance for promotion so that the process is smoother and faster. Today, the PR services market is booming, and this is good news for all influencers, because you can instantly and without hassle buy Australian Facebook likes in any quantity, making your publications more visible and attractive to the target audience. 

At the same time, you don’t need to have a huge advertising budget for this, just a couple of dollars for the result, which many creators strive for several weeks or even months. So, having made just one purchase, you’ll provide yourself with excellent statistical indicators and improve the overall rating of the page at times.

  1. Time it right. Some SMM specialists say that the best time for publications is either from 9 am to 3 pm, or from 7 pm to 12 am. But in fact, there is little truth in this. You see, there is no single ideal time in this sphere, it varies from niche to niche. A lot depends on who your content is aimed at and who your target audience is. So, if you aim to attract the attention of Generation Z, it’s better to choose a time a little later than morning and evening, so you can increase coverage. But, again, to find out for sure, you need to do some experiments.

During the week, post posts at different times (morning, afternoon and evening) to track the dynamics of the increase in views, likes and comments. This way you’ll be able to determine the best time interval and use this knowledge wisely.

  1. Stay on trend. Trends in social networks are changing as fast as ways to attract new subscribers. But here’s the thing: if you want to get as many likes from your target fans as possible, start exploring trends and challenges that are popular in Australia. Immerse yourself with your head – follow the popular influencers from this region, find out the latest news and try to generate content based on those trends that are relevant now. This, at a minimum, will allow you to create really great content that will attract the attention of the right audience with reliable strategy. Good luck!