I’m a gal on the go, which has frequently intended scarfing down a bodega turkey sandwich unearthed from the bottom of my tote bag concerning commitments. You might assume this means I have longed for a sleeker, far more subtle sandwich transportation choice, but actually I by no means believed twice about it. Panera, however, plainly saw there was a difficulty to be solved and has created the BAGuette.

Panera is getting the “baguette bag,” a extremely Y2K fashion initial launched by Fendi, severely, and launching a restricted-version run of 500 embossed green purses in conjunction with New York Style 7 days. Presumably no 1 at New York Manner 7 days is considerably involved with Panera, but foods brand names are ever more hunting to vogue collaborations to get clout. Just about every purse, which prices $39.50, is lengthy and skinny and “perfectly sized to carry a person of Panera’s new Toasted Baguettes,” and will come with a gift card for just one of the sandwiches when you get one on the net.

Which is enjoyable, proper? That’s adorable. But the most effective thing about the Panera bag is you can set no matter what sandwich or loaf you want in there, and save you from obtaining to take in a Panera sandwich that you most likely bought hrs ago and are now getting out at a next area.

Frankly, I have hardly ever understood why some persons are so obsessed with Panera. Go with God if you have to, but what Panera does seem to be to realize is the most glamorous thing a lady can do is access into her designer bag and unearth an whole hoagie. It is providing that Looney Tunes matter in which a character opens an instrument case and brings out a total lollipop. So why limit oneself to a person manufacturer? Transportation homemade baguettes to supper get-togethers. Convey a complete Italian beef to your friend’s Super Bowl potluck. Get there at a day you are not even really enthusiastic about and say “No many thanks, I brought my very own,” and see if they operate. The opportunities to amuse you are unlimited.

Ideally, this ushers in a new era of fashion with foods transportation in thoughts. Dangling earrings that each individual have a entire cookie? People obvious system shoes but as a substitute of goldfish inside it is soup? But what ever you do, do not demonstrate up to Manner Week with a Panera Inexperienced Goddess Caprese Melt. That’s just gauche.


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